Getting Involved with Helping Abandoned Animals

shapeimage_2Almost everyone knows what a rescue shelter for animal is, and especially those who love animals and care for them. However, there are also many people who don’t care as much, and they abandon the animals that they have in their care. It’s not something very nice to do, and this is just speaking mildly about them.

However, for the rest of the people, for those who really love animals and care for them, when they see an abandoned one, they have a mixed feeling of frustration and sadness, and many of them will do everything that is in their power to help them out.

If you, as a human, feel like this, just imagine what an abandoned animal feels like – terrified, alone, hurt, unloved and with no hope at all. You’ll mostly see the sad faces in dogs, and it’s like you can feel their feelings.

Now, for those who are interested in taking care of abandoned animals, there are certain things that you can do easily, without too much cost for your time or for your wallet. Let’s see what these things are.


Every rescue facility and every animal shelter is always in need of money, because there are plenty of animals to take care of and even if the personnel is volunteering for that activity, they will still need to funds for getting the equipment, the medication and the food for the animals.

This being said, you can check out with them and see what assistance you can offer for the upcoming fundraisers. You can help them out if they have already something planned, or you can even organize a fundraiser. There are plenty of ways to spread the word, starting from the social media that everyone is using, and ending up with spreading flyers, sending emails, publishing ads in the local media and so on.

It’s a good way to teach others how to care for animals, especially the children who are just discovering the world around them. If you don’t know where to start, look out for those websites that can help you set-up free fundraising pages – it’s a great platform for online fundraising and you can direct all the income to the organization of your choice.


Volunteering is the easiest way in which you can help the animals in need, and many rescue facilities or animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. There are plenty of organizations that are dedicated to rehabilitating or rescuing abandoned and abused animals, not just pets but also arm animals like pigs, horses, goats, cows, ducks, chicken and turkeys, and you can do more than just donate money, but you can donate your own free time. This would be a better investment than donating money as you will actively help them out.

Apart from actually donating money, you can help them organize fundraisers, donate food and treats, you can be a volunteer caretaker, you can sponsor a specific event, if you can afford it and so on.

Adopting a Shelter Pet

Many animals get abandoned, especially those that their families don’t want them anymore. They end up being dropped at animal shelters, or they are abandoned directly on the streets. As they are used to having someone to care for them and provide them with food and anything else they might need, they are not able to tend for themselves, and they end up in really difficult situations.

As many of them get to shelters, if they are not adopted, they will end up being put to sleep, not to mention loneliness until them. If you’re willing to do something good for such animals and if you really want to save them, the best thing to do is to adopt a shelter pet, instead of looking for a place to  buy such an animal.

Many of them are more loving and balanced than the ones that you can buy from specialized places that breed dogs, and you’ll be rewarded with undivided love and attention. It’s definitely worth saving an animal from a shelter, and even if they are older, you’ll get the most out of this kind of relationship.


One of the services that is needed in a shelter or in a rescue facility is foster. You certainly know that small dogs or small cats can’t tend for themselves and they need frequent feeding. This being said, they need a foster parent to take care of them and supply for everything that their natural mother would do – feeding them is most important, as it needs to be done every few hours.

Fostering an animal can be hard and demanding, especially if they are small, but you can also foster adult animals – this will teach them how to properly behave in a family, and they will get the basic rules of a house. Of course, you will need to have a lot of patience and maybe you will have to undertake a special course that teaches you what to do in emergency situations, like when a dog is stressed or has the tendency to bite everyone.

It’s not easy, and nobody promised you this, but it is definitely worthy as it helps the animal in question and it also gives you a sense of happiness and contentment.

Report the Abuse

Screen-Shot-2015-03-02-at-1.20.33-PMLoving an animal and taking care of the ones that you can is definitely a good thing, but it’s also important to try and stop the abuse and neglect when you see it. There are many places where the animal police is active and they take the legal measures to punish the ones that are responsible and to stop that awful situation.

This is why, when you see someone abusing their animals or if they neglect them, it’s better to report it to the authorities. In some cases, if the situation is bad enough, the owner of that animal can make some jail time, and this might be the only thing that can teach them that doing such a thing is not recommended.

How to Take Care of an Abandoned Animal

calista1Many people love animals, but there are also many people who don’t care about what happens to them. Because of this, there are many abandoned animals on the streets, and as you may already know, the numbers are very high for cats and dogs. Of course, there are also other animals, and every one of them needs care and dedication to get them back into a good shape.

However, even with all the good intentions that some people might have, taking care of an abandoned animal, or better said, rescuing it from the streets, needs more than just a little courage to touch the said animal.

Let’s see how you can take care of an abandoned animal yourself and what are the first steps you need to take.

The Animal

If it’s about a cat or a dog, things are easier, but if it’s about other animal, you might want some special measures. This is because people raise all kinds of animals as pets (some even take a crocodile as a pet) and when this happens, you need to call a professional to do this. There are many rescue facilities that have specialized personnel and when you face such a situation, you need to have someone who knows what they’re doing at your side.

Taking It to the Doctor

So, let’s say you get a stray dog or a stray cat – if you can take it with you, the first step you need to do is take the animal to the vet. Apart from the fact that you need to make sure that the animal is healthy, the doctor can also find other problems that there might be. For example, the animal might seem healthy, but there can be hidden health problems that are not easily seen or discovered.

The doctor can cure those problems or they can advise to put the animal to sleep – it is not a comfortable situation, but sometimes there are not many things that the doctor can do to treat the illness, apart from trying to alleviate the pains.

Evaluating the Behavior

For every cat or dog that is rescued, once the doctor decides that it is healthy, someone must take a look at it and evaluate its behavior. The animal will be further adopted by someone, and if they can’t adapt to a life with people, they won’t be able to stay there.

There are specialized people who can do this, and a vet will be able to tell you where to go. Apart from this, you can find these people in the rescue facilities, as they are the most specialized in this kind of activity.

If the animal can’t stand to be touched or tries to bite when it is fed, then there are some problems that should be solved, and a specialist in animal behavior will be able to fix them (of course, if it’s possible).

Giving It to Adoption

If the specialist decides that the animal in question can be adopted without problems, then the said facility will try to jakk-puppyfind someone to take it home. There are plenty of people who love these animals and who are looking to adopt one from the shelter, so there are very high chances for it to get integrated in a wonderful family.

Of course, these adoptions come with a contract, and only those who can prove that they can take care of the animal will be able to take it home. This means that there should be enough space for a dog, and a comfortable environment for a cat. However, there will be an evaluation prior to taking the animal home, so this process can take some time before it is finished.